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The Bluebird Jazz House 2023-2024

Bluebird Music a.s.b.l. has revived the initiative “The Bluebird Jazz House” in collaboration with Café littéraire Le Bovary, Ville de Luxembourg and SACEM.

Bluebird Music will be arranging 12 concerts in the Carte blanche style and 2 jazz jam sessions at the Le Bovary Jazz Club, a cosy quaint jazz and blues club established in 2022 in the lower level of Café littéraire Le Bovary.

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2023-10-03 Maxime Bender
2023-11-21 Michel Meis & Gilles Grethen
2023-12-05 Jérôme Klein
2024-01-09 Possing, Belardi & Dahm
2024-01-16 Bovary Jazz Jam Session
2024-02-06 Lamy, Demuth & Herr
2024-03-05 Ley, Payfert & Özturk
2024-04-16 Claire Parsons & Eran Har Even
2024-05-07 Benoît Martiny
2024-06-04 Edith van den Heuvel trio
2024-07-02 Daniel Migliosi
2024-07-16 Bovary Jazz Jam Session
2024-09-17 Mathieu Clement
2024-10-01 Paul Wiltgen

Total cost of the project: 8,400.00 €

The Bluebird Prison Sessions (2023-2024)


“The Bluebird Prison Sessions” project submitted by Bluebird Music a.s.b.l. has been selected following the “Accès à la culture – Kultur am Prisong” call for projects launched by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the Penitentiary Administration in 2023.

The project aims to spark the interest of inmates in contemporary music with jazz, blues, and popular music concerts, followed by the opportunity for interested individuals to participate in master classes.

The project will offer six concerts at the Luxembourg Penitentiary Center (CPL) in Schrassig, three for the male inmate audience and three for the female inmate audience, in the following disciplines: Jazz, Blues and Popular music (singer-songwriter).

Master classes will be offered to interested inmates, with a gender balance among the speakers, both in terms of main performers and leaders for the master classes.

The concerts and master classes are not accessible to the general public.

2023-07-29 – Remo Cavallini Band feat. Priscilla da Costa
2023-08-02 – Master class: Priscilla da Costa, vocals
2023-09-09 – The Odd Blues Reunion feat. René Cavallini
2023-09-13 – Master class: René Cavallini, blues harp
2023-10-14 – Selma & Band
2023-10-23 – Master class: Selma Hadrovic-Schauls, vocals
2023-10-28 – Liquid Pimps feat. Maxime Bender
2023-11-03 – Master class: Jeff Herr, percussion
2023-11-04 – Irina Holzinger Band
2023-11-09 – Master class: Irina Holzinger, vocals
2024-01-06 – Josh Island Band
2024-01-10 – Master class: Josh Island, vocals

Total cost of the project: 10,000.00 €

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