Projects archive

These are some of our past projects.

Grenzgänger (2021-2022)

Musikalische Botschafter d. Großregion – Ambassadeurs musicaux de la Grande Région
Interreg V A Grande Région micro-project

Overcoming borders with music and poetry, transcending the boundaries of genres, cultures and generations – that is the intention of the cross-border concert series “Grenzgänger – Musikalische Botschafter d. Großregion – Ambassadeurs musicaux de la Grande Région” (Musical Ambassadors of the Greater Region), which presents the richness of the Greater Region.

The INTERREG project was initiated by the Kaiserslautern association Ja!zz e.V. Kaiserslautern together with the Luxembourg jazz association Bluebird Music a.s.b.l. They are supported by six musicians from Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Lorraine, Wallonia and Luxembourg.

The cross-border and identity-building cultural project shows the cultural and social characteristics of the Greater Region, which lies “in the heart of Europe”, through music and song lyrics. Just as the Greater Region was characterised by cultural diversity at the time of industrialisation through migration, the music of the “Border Crossers” also shimmers in stylistic richness: virtuoso jazz solos, electronic sounds and rhythms, haunting traditional melodies and a touch of chanson combine to form an expressive whole. As wanderers between styles and genres, the renowned musicians Maria Palatine (vocals & harp), Vincenzo Carduccio (accordion), Martin Preiser (piano), Stefan Engelmann (bass) and Michael Lakatos (percussion) open up an exciting exchange beyond national borders.


Proposed micro-project duration: 2021-07-01 – 2022-12-31
Lead beneficiary: Jazz e.V Kaiserslautern (D)
ERDF amount: 19.710,00 €
Total micro-project cost: 21.900,00 €

BiGR (2021-2022)


Blues in the Greater Region
Interreg V A Grande Région micro-project

The associations Losange a.s.b.l. (Belgium), Association Échanges en musique (France) and Bluebird Music a.s.b.l. (Luxembourg) have joined forces to create the BiGR (Blues in the Greater Region) Festival. This Interreg micro-project, which is subsidised by the European Regional Development Fund, aims to provide a new platform for young Blues bands in the Greater Region. The idea of this micro-project is to create a musical network to promote social and cultural inclusion.

This musical “road” will pass through three concert venues in the Greater Region, namely the Aalt Stadhaus in Differdange, the Entrepôt in Arlon and the Pérotin site in Moyeuvre. During these evenings, three blues bands from the Greater Region (France, Belgium and Luxembourg) will take to the stage. An opportunity to discover or rediscover the blues players of the Greater Region.

Proposed micro-project duration: 2021-06-01 – 2022-11-30
Lead beneficiary: AEM: Association Échanges en musique (F)
ERDF amount: 20.340,00 €
Total cost of the micro-project: 22,600.00 €