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    Cubation Jazz 4tt


    Ancien Cinéma café-club
    Grand Rue 23
    Vianden, Luxembourg

    F.l.t.r.: Makar Novikov (double bass), Pol Belardi (vibraphone, piano), Sasha Mashin (drums) & Pierre Coq-Amann (saxophone). Photo composition by Cube 521.

    F.l.t.r.: Makar Novikov (double bass), Pol Belardi (vibraphone, piano), Sasha Mashin (drums) & Pierre Coq-Amann (saxophone). Photo composition by Cube 521.

    After a first concert in February @ Ancien Cinéma in Vianden and @ Cube 521 in Marnach, the jazz quartett Cubation will be back this summer for 2 concerts, on 2024-08-03 at the open air festival at Clervaux castle and on 2024-08-04 at Ancien Cinéma in Vianden.

    This concert is being organised in collaboration with BlueBird Music a.s.b.l., Cube 521 and Ancien Cinéma a.s.b.l.


    Sasha Mashin | Drums
    Sasha Mashin, one of the best-known drummers on the Russian jazz scene, is involved in the artist “Rendezvous”. He is co-founder of the band “MosGorTrio”, played in the “Blue Note” in New York and many other jazz clubs and the biggest concert halls in the world. Since 2008, Sasha Mashin has invited foreign musicians and played with jazz greats such as Kenny Barron, Johnny Griffin, Lew Tabackin, Mark Turner, Donny McCaslin, Alex Sipiagin, Dhafer Youssef, Isfar Sarabski and many others.

    Pol Belardi | Vibraphone & Piano
    With the multi-instrumentalist Pol Belardi, a permanent fixture of the Luxembourg jazz scene is part of the residency. He is characterised by his versatility as an outstanding bassist, vibraphonist, drummer and composer. Pol Belardi studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the Amsterdam Conservatory and completed his master’s degree in bass guitar. The musician does not limit himself to one style or one particular instrument and is always looking for new experiences to redefine his musical vision.

    Makar Novikov | Double Bass
    Makar Novikov is one of the most sought-after double bass players on the international jazz scene. As an accompanist and virtuoso soloist with an unmistakable bass sound, he has toured with international artists such as Jimmy Cobb, Clark Terry, Jimmy Heath, Kenny Baron, James Spaulding, Giacomo Gates, Alex Sipiagin, Isfar Sarabski and others. In 2022, the bassist moved to Italy and began collaborating with Italian musicians such as Rosario Giuliani and Maurizio Giammarco and is involved in various music projects worldwide.

    Pierre Cocq-Amann | Saxophone
    A passionate and tireless jazz saxophonist, Pierre Cocq-Amann plays all over the world and loves to combine different musical experiences. He explores world music and experiments with a variety of instruments and styles. The musician, with a master’s degree in jazz saxophone from the Maastricht Conservatory, can be heard as a sideman in numerous projects (Saxitude, Arthur Possing Quartet) and takes on the role of bandleader in the PCA Organ Trio and the Good Vibes Quartet.

    F.l.t.r.: Makar Novikov (double bass), Pol Belardi (vibraphone, piano), Pierre Coq-Amann (saxophone) & Sasha Mashin (drums). Photo by Elvina Cocq-Amann.