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  • Thu

    Electro & Experimental Jazz Night with Pol Belardi


    Le Bovary Jazz Club
    Rue de Laroche 1

    Pol Belardi SOLO

    After years of playing in various lineups as a leader and sideman, Pol Belardi presents his first musical solo set. Centered around the piano, his sound palette is completed by bass, subtle electronics, and voice.
    The original compositions and improvisations represent an intimate musical vision, rooted somewhere between songwriting, cinematographic soundscapes, and groove. Belardi’s contemplative sonic endeavors are a beautiful reflection of his mind, heart, and soul, inviting the listener onto an extraordinary journey.

    My Olympus

    In this performance, Sara Gilis (B) and Jeff Herr (LUX) give voice to a number of strong women from Greek mythology. We all know someone with the childlike enthusiasm of Persephone, the irrepressible drive of Artemis, the caring nature of Demeter,…
    Sara became intrigued by this theme and looked for common ground.
    My Olympus became an introspective journey and a reflection of inspiring encounters. An instrumental adventure with room for experimentation, improvisation, and a good dash of imagination.
    Admission fee 20 € including a glass of crémant + appetizer